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I’ll swallow my blood before I swallow my pride.
Al Capone (via)

[140416] Lizzy @ KBS Vitamin recording ☆ cr: K-Star ☆ do not edit


it changed colors ❕

Kiko Mizuhara (水原希子) for Ylang-Ylang


For whatever we lose
(a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
 - E.E. Cummings


i want to be grateful but i’m having a hard time with it: “wanna make a monster? take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable—your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities, and hungers—and pretend they’re across the room. it’s too ugly to be human. it’s too ugly to be you.”  + [ LISTEN ]

i. welcome home - radical face // ii. guns for hands - twenty one pilots // iii. this is gospel - panic! at the disco // iv. float - the neighbourhood // v. you’ve got time - regina spektor // vi. car radio - twenty one pilots // vii. starlight - muse // viii. weight of living pt. ii - bastille // ix. clinging on for life - the hoosiers // x. look how far we’ve come - imagine dragons // xi. 93 million miles - jason mraz // xii. you - keaton henson // xiii. welcome home (reprise) - radical face