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i need a time machine.


so….looking back at jessica’s weibo, there was no confusion. sm wasn’t looking into anything, they just didn’t know how react to the fact that jessica got online and straight up said she was unjustly terminated from her job.

sm, without telling her, kicked her out and told the other girls about it, and the girls probably got no answers as to why, which is why they looked so upset at the airport.

so when jessica posted that status, it was really the first time she was finding out. the company never formally told her-she showed up to get to her activities, they stopped her and told her right then and there she was no longer a member of snsd.

sm entertainment is truly cold and heartless, as well as evil and manipulative.

This is an intimate photo of Girls’ Generation taken just five minutes before they made history.

Five minutes before they had just one take to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Thank you for sharing this, Sim Jaewon. Soshibond ftw

It’s something we’ll do together until the end
Into the New World -Girl’s Generation (via seowag)


fake glasses gives me headaches


眠いの。。。 RT あんよ♪ RT かわいい?